Daniel Peeney

Senior Specialist Support Coordinator/Business Development Lead
Support Coordination Team

I’ve been employed by Lancaster Consulting Australia since 2022. I’ve been working with vulnerable people for the last 15 years. I’ve been privileged to be able to provide support to people from all walks of life with differing experiences and support needs.

Prior to joining Lancaster Consulting Australia, I was employed by a local area coordination service overseeing a program of over 20 staff to deliver NDIS plans, support and referrals for over 5000 participants. I have also worked for a non-government organisation, heading up their mental health training operation as well as having experience in veteran rehabilitation and supporting individuals back into employment.

I believe in the power of having authentic conversations and the lasting change this can lead to. Building a successful relationship in any walk of life, for me, is dependent on trust and showing genuine care for people.

I am a proud Scousetralian (Scouse Australian) and was blessed to grow up supporting Liverpool Football Club.

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