About Us

Lancaster Consulting Australia is an independent, non-government organisation that provides a range of specialised support services for people with complex needs, their families and wider support network to achieve Our Vision of "Enhancing Quality of Life for All"

Our Services

Lancaster Consulting Australia offers several different types of service:


Regardless of what service you’re receiving, all of our services operate within the Positive Behaviour Support Framework and are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and their support system. In each instance, your worker will meet with you to set clear goals and regularly evaluate our progress

Our Goal

Our aim is for you to leave our service with the support of a team that works well together, increased opportunities in your home and community, and positive ways of expressing your needs and wants.

What is Positive Behaviour Support?

Positive Behaviour Support is an evidence-based approach focused first on improving a person’s quality of life and secondly on reducing any behaviours of concern. It’s a comprehensive approach to assessment, planning and intervention that focuses on addressing the person’s needs, their home environment and engagement in the community. 

It is based on the fundamental understanding that all behaviour, whether positive or negative, happens for a reason. Behaviour serves a purpose, or function, for the person. Understanding that function and providing supports around that can improve a person’s quality of life while also reducing more difficult behaviours

Our Values

Positive Behaviour Support is a values driven practice ensuring that all steps taken to support a person are respectful and, if focused on changing behaviour, utilise the least restrictive means possible. These values are reflected in our own:

  • People at the centre of all we do
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Non-judgement
  • Flexibility and Friendly Professionalism
  • Holistic and layered approach

Our Mission

All of this comes together to assist Lancaster Consulting Australia achieve our Mission:

  • To be the National leader in using the Positive Behaviour Support Framework to develop the capacity of the community, organisations, and individuals to improve quality of life and drive cultural change.