Our team

Our Team


Cat Lancaster - Executive Director

CatbwCat has a Masters of Teaching - Special Education and has been supporting individuals with complex presentations via the Positive Behaviour Support framework for two decades.  Her work has been across sectors and she is a passionate advocate for improving approaches and developing the capacity of others to engage in the complex space.  

Adam Lyons - Clinical Director


Adam is a registered Educational and Developmental psychologist and has worked in private, government and community organisations throughout the disability, education and welfare sectors for over a decade. His passion lies in increasing the quality of life of the individuals he supports, and feels passionate about developing the skills and expertise of the community to support and welcome difference.



Behaviour Support Team

Danielle Clark - Principal Consultant

DaniellebwDanielle has a background in psychology and over 15 years of experience in the disability sector in a variety of government and non-government roles. The majority of her experience has been in the area of positive behaviour support, working to enhance the quality of life of those with behaviour of concern. Danielle has held key positions within Government and not-for-profit sectors and has concurrently worked as a sessional lecturer teaching into the Disability Studies and Education programs for the past 14 years.

Bruna Bulich - Principal Consultant

Bruna has worked in case management for a large part of the last decade, predominantly working with clients with ‘challenging behaviours’, dual diagnosis and forensic behaviours. She completed Honours in Psychology last year and has also completed a Bachelor of Social Science and a Post Graduate Specialist Certificate of Criminology (Forensic Disability). Bruna is committed to working with people with disabilities and their care teams to enhance individuals quality of life.   

Steve Hardman - Principal Consultant

Steve is a registered social worker with extensive cross-sectoral experience in human services. For the past several years he has applied his direct practice experience of working with people with ‘multiple and complex needs’ to the systems of care around them and understands that this idea of complexity attaches more to the care system than to the individual. He is passionate about ensuring systemic interventions are motivated by a commitment to enhancing an individual's quality of life. Steve is skilled in building sustainable support partnerships and strategic intra-agency and interagency care coalitions.

Tammy Matthews - Consultant

Tammy has worked in the Disability Sector for over 14 years with extensive experience across multiple settings. She has worked with individuals who have complex support needs, their families and other support networks. Tammy has gained a vast amount of practical, hands on experience supporting, educating and advocating for families with a child who is diagnosed with a disability. Tammy is passionate about providing an holistic approach to Positive Behaviour Support to enhance the quality of life for the individuals and their families. Tammy is currently on extended leave and will return in 2018. 

Support Coordination

Carly McMartin - Support Coordination and Projects Manager


Carly has been working in various disability and community services roles for almost 20 years, with the last 10 years focusing on Case Management/Support Coordination. She holds a Diploma of Management, a Bachelor Applied Science (Disability Studies) and a Masters of International and Community Development. She is driven by getting the right supports for people, and believes that clear communication is the difference between good team and a great team.

Sven Lancaster - Support Coordinator


Over many years of supporting students with disabilities, Sven has been a staunch proponent of the provision of equality of opportunity for people to learn and access new experiences in all aspects of life according to their interests and dreams.  He believes that the National Disability Insurance Scheme can be a fantastic vehicle for change, if we all commit to the goal of supporting people with disabilities to increase their quality of life.

Siân Williams - Support Coordinator

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Business administration

Stephenie Evans - Administrative Assistant

Stephenie has worked for 10 years in organising and planning corporate conferences and events in the private sector. From working in the field, she moved into Human Resources within events and then later, government sector recruitment. Through personal experience with disability, Stephenie is completing a certificate in Education Support. She is passionate about people having a better quality of life and believes that everybody should be included and have a place in society.