Consulting Australia

Lancaster Consulting Australia is an independent, non-government organisation that provides a range of specialised support services for people with complex needs, their families and wider support network.

Our Values

Our values form the bedrock of Lancaster Consulting’s approach, enabling us to deliver exceptional results and make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

Collaborative Relationships
Audacious Leadership

Our Services

Lancaster Consulting Australia offers several different types of services:

Assessment Services

Individualised assessments such as PBS assessments, Clinical Risk assessments, Ecological assessments, and Sensory assessments.

Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support to assist in the implementation of strategies in the home and community through brief consultation, coaching and mentoring.

Support Coordination

Development and coordination
of complex support systems focused on the individual’s goals, including but not limited to facilitating communication, individualised and system assessments, and coordination of complex transitions.

Staff Development

Capacity building for organisations, professionals and families in understanding and applying the Positive Behaviour Support framework via formal training, tailored development sessions, and formal supervision.

Why Choose Lancaster Consulting

Clients love our effective approach that consistently gets results, even in the face of complex disabilities, situations, care teams, and behaviour.

Rights and Responsibilities

Child Safe Commitment

We are deeply committed to ensuring child safety through our rigorous policies and practices.

Protecting Your Information

We prioritise the utmost importance of protecting your sensitive information through robust security measures.

Make A Complaint

We encourage open communication and are dedicated to promptly addressing any concerns or complaints you may have

Our Team